Intelligent eQualizer – Damper-ECU for the intelligent chassis

Silver Atena has developed the control device for the award winning motor-pump-unit for an innovative suspension system.

Utilized in a high-class SUV the Intelligent eQualizer offers unprecedented comfort due to real-time control of the damper adjustment at each wheel individually following a predictive calculation.


The ECU controls a DC motor with a hydraulik pump, able to change the direction of rotation from full speed right to full speed left within milliseconds.

The system can build up pressure in two directions in order to "equalize" road bumps or potholes or any other unevenness.


SILVER ATENA was in charge of the entire engineering process for the development of all phases from prototype to series production, starting with the specifications of the system and the ECU on to the hardware and software development, the system and integration tests up to the integration of the application. Moreover, for the subsequent production phase, SILVER ATENA took care of the system specification, supplier selection, monitoring and integration. The customer profits from competent consulting and development from a single source.

Intelligent eQualizer - Movie

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