Routing Editor

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Integrating individual message catalogues

The message catalogues required for configuring the routing can be imported from the following formats:

  • DBC
  • Fibex / FibexPlus XML
  • Autosar XML (converted)
  • Generic specification in form of Excel files
  • Plug-In interface for importing additional customised data formats (on request)


Defining the routing

Using the integrated routing editor, it is possible to create individual routing tables. The software provides the following options:

  • Comprehensive routing on PDU and signal level
  • Transformation of signal values by scaling or with the help of individual conversion functions
  • Interactive creation of routing tables per mouse
  • Automatic generation of routing tables based on a comparison of varying imported message catalogues
  • Automatic generation of routing tables based on residual bus simulation through network splitting
  • Automatic calculation of custom-specific validation signals, such as check sums or message counters


Code generation

In order to attain a fully functional gateway control unit from the established routing tables; the software tool of SILVER ATENA supports the generation of C code for the target architecture. The code contains all the specifications required for the routing, i.e. bus configuration, routing functionality, signal transformation and custom-specific checksum computation. In addition to generating the code for the AT-FlexRay-Gateway 5003, it is also possible to create C code for custom hardware and, by implementing an extension module, using existing control units for universal bus gateways.

Additionally, every required step can be scripted according to customer requirements and so automated for the integration into a test system. Programming the control unit is carried out simply and efficiently via an Ethernet connection.

Routing Editor


The gateway configuration tool is a PC software for configuring the AT-FlexRay-Gateway 5003 and other target architectures.


The software supports all steps required for configuring the gateway properly. This includes the integration of message catalogues of the bus systems FlexRay, CAN and LIN, the configuration of individual routing tables as well as the code generation, which can be adapted to the custom-specific target architecture.