FlexRay Gateway


The module is available as a single or double gateway. The transmissions of the individual signals and messages can be influenced by the user with the help of a configuration tool.


The double gateway provides twice as many I/O and bus interfaces, dependent on the hardware design of the customer specific circuit board. The control unit features 4 independent 2-channel FlexRay interfaces and is thus capable of quad start-up. This enables the simultaneous synchronisation of two FlexRax clusters that are not enabled for start-up. The power supply of the gateway occurs via a joint interface.


  • Signal routing between the bus systems FlexRay, CAN, LIN, Ethernet
    and serial 2-wire bus
  • Wide range of signal manipulation options
  • Including of external software modules (C functions) for complex signal manipulation and user applications
  • Powerful configuration software: FIBEX, DBC support, interactive routing configuration, numerous automations, such as autorouting, network splitting and residual bus configuration
  • Full real-time capability
  • Interface to dSPACE HIL systems
  • Data logging to USB data storage or via CAN interface
  • Free programmable I/O interfaces (digital / analogue / PWM)
  • Wake-up by external line or clamp 15 (optional by CAN and FlexRay)

FlexRay Gateway


SILVER ATENA provides a universally configurable gateway module for the bus systems FlexRay, CAN, LIN, and Ethernet, which offers signal conditioning and the possibility to include user applications.


  • Gateway with routing functionality to all directions
    FlexRay-FlexRay, FlexRay-CAN, FlexRay-LIN, FlexRay-Ethernet, CAN-LIN, CAN-Ethernet, LIN-Ethernet
  • Data logging for FlexRay, CAN, LIN, Ethernet, I/O interfaces (ring buffer storage; can be triggered by bus signal or I/O interfaces; pre and post trigger)
  • Use in vehicle for rapid prototyping with new developments
  • Fault injection in real-time
  • Control unit for test and development applications