E-motor simulation SimuleD


SimuleD uses a real-time model of the e-motor. This calculates the effective torque and angular motor position based on the voltage patterns of the inverter and the load torque. To ensure a realistic replication the so called counter electromotive force is simulated in addition to the coil inductivities and resistances. Through control of the back-EMF voltage all operating conditions of the electric motor can be replicated. For maximum energy efficiency, SILVER ATENA has implemented a energy circulation in the system and integrated a battery supply simulation for high-voltage and low-voltage applications. The extremely precise control procedures of the Simulator are made possible by a highly accurate and extremely fast data acquisition and evaluation. Due to an exceptionally short latency of less than 2.7 µs even in harsh EMC environments the developed measurement card can be used for real-time IGBT measurements.


As there are no rotating parts in this setup, no elaborate security precautions are required. The complete functionality of the e-motor is realised in a real-time model. In consequence, simulation of typical errors is easy to implement. All motor parameters can be modified as needed. Hence, they can be optimised for the required use-case. In addition the inverter can be tested before the e-motor is available. This significantly reduces the time-to-market. SimuleD is modular, therefore individualised solutions can be realised in a very short time. The power of the simulated motor can be varied easily in a range up to 150 kW. In addition the real-time model used to calculate the motors behaviour and the simulated mechanical behaviour can be exchanged completely. Using SimuleD during the development process facilitates time and cost-effective engineering. For test house concepts we also offer in-house testing.


  • Realistic E engine simulation
  • Easy simulation of the production spread and error cases
  • Stepless scaling to different engine models
  • Low heat output
  • Efficient energy circulation
  • Dramatically simplified safety precautions



SimuleD offers the possibility to test controllers for electric motors or servo motors in the workplace of the developing engineer under real-world conditions without elaborate safety precautions.


With the simulation module of an electric machine (SimuleD) a user-specific electrical rotating machine for a 4-quadrant operation can be reproduced realistically. This module has an adaptable system structure and can therefore easily be integrated in different test systems. SimuleD may be used to test control units for electromotive drives, which are used in the automotive and aerospace sector, for example.

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial drives