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Communication is enabled via the bus systems FlexRay, CAN and Ethernet. The device offers connectors (BNC sockets) to measuring devices (oscilloscopes, etc.) for evaluating the sensor signal quality and for analyzing the individual trigger events. The configuration of the DF measuring box is enabled via an application-specific GUI and through a CAN bus or Ethernet connection.


The universal DF Measuring Box offers multiple modes:

Measuring mode: Independent acquisition of two DF sensor signals as well as processing and transferring measurement data via bus systems


Manipulation mode: Extensive manipulation of the real DF sensor signal measurements


Simulation mode: Simulation and output of DF sensor signals


Gateway: Conversion of measurement data (from sensor type A to sensor simulation of sensor type B)


  • Modes of operation: Measuring mode, Manipulation mode, Gateway mode,  Simulation mode
  • Full real-time capability
  • 2x FlexRay 10 MBit/s start-up ability 
  • IOs fully programmable
  • 2/4 channels for DF sensors
  • 3 x High-Speed CAN (500 kBit/s or 1 MBit/s)
  • 2 x High-Speed / Low-Speed CAN
  • 1 x Ethernet 10 MBit/s or 100 MBit/s

Rotational Speed Sensors Measuring Box



The measuring box for rotational speed sensors is a universally configurable device for the measurement, manipulation and simulation of active digital rotation speed sensors with power supply. Communication is enabled via the bus systems FlexRay, CAN and Ethernet. The flexible serial I/Os can address all available digital rotational speed sensors.


  • Measurement and manipulation device for in-car testing, test systems and on test stands
  • Signal generator for rotational speed sensors
  • Rapid prototyping applications with newly developed dynamic driving systems e.g. ESP control units and DF sensors
  • Real-time fault injections
  • Multi-directional gateway with routing functionality for CAN and FlexRay bus systems
  • Control unit for test and development applications