Roll Stabilizer Control Unit

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  • DualCore architecture with an intelligent watchdog
  • Peak currents of 150 Arms
  • 1.5 kW from 12-V on-board electrical system
  • 1.500 rpm mechanical /15,000 rpm electrical
  • 92% efficiency of the electronics
  • Field-oriented sine wave commutation
  • Thick copper printed circuit (PCB) board with 400 µm inlays
  • Optimised PCB geometry through "flexible FR4"
  • High packing density
  • Flexible installation of space adjustment through longitudinal geometry
  • Thermal optimisation through DirectFET®s
  • Bus communication via FlexRay on-board electrical system
  • Safety architecture for acrreditation up to ASIL C

DirectFET ® is a registered trademark of International Rectifier Corporation.


The precise control of the electromechanical actuator is the most important prerequisite for a high control quality. Only the accurate control ensures that the desired high dynamics are met even under elevated torque loads (e.g. during speedy cornering). The control unit not only offers optimised thermal management, it also has a well-engineered power-output stage. The high integration density means it can be accommodated in very confined spaces. Moreover, the control unit was developed under consideration of all safety-relevant aspects, which allow for certification according to ISO 26262 up to ASIL C.


  • Innovative board technology
  • Highly dynamic regulatory behaviour through an electromechanical actuator
  • High integration density
  • Optimised thermal management with optimised output stage
  • Safety-oriented design based on ISO 26262 ASIL A
  • Fuel saving through electrification of chassis control systems

Roll Stabiliser Control Unit


SILVER ATENA has developed a precise control unit for an active central stabiliser.



Roll stabilisers improve the driving dynamics and thus increase safety and comfort. Rolling movements of a vehicle can be influenced through active torsion springs and hence virtually eliminated.