SLAT Motor Control Electronic


  • Used for the electric operation of the leading edge wing flaps (SLATs) of the Airbus A350 XWB
  • The SLAT MCE controls the electric motor of the SLAT Drive and the electrical power off brake
  • Hardware developed according to civil aviation standard RTCA DO-254, Design Assurance Level (DAL) B
  • Qualified for environmental conditions according to civil aviation standard RTCA DO-160 and Airbus directives




Electrical Power Processors: Power supply from aircraft network (3 x 230 VAC, variable frequency)


Total power: 25 kW


Enclosure: Hermetically sealed chassis with passive cooling


Temperature Range: -55 °C ... +95 °C (operating)


Interfaces: ARINC 429, CAN, RS-232, resolver, 3-phase high voltage motor output Solenoid output



Developed by customer

SLAT Motor Control Electronic


The SLATs are part of the Secondary Flight Control System. They are extended from the leading edge of the wings during take-off and landing to provide additional lift.

The power electronics hardware development is governed by the strict guidelines of RTCA DO-254. Meeting the customer's requirements regarding weight and performance was a major challenge.

In addition to the SLAT MCE unit, SILVER ATENA also developed the necessary HIL test systems and test benches. .


  • Flight Control Systems
  • Auxiliary units
  • Applications using electric drives as replacement of mechanical / hydraulic systems